Full Day (over 4.5 hours): $20.00  •  Half Day (4.5 Hours or Less): $14.50

Ask about our day camp packages! ​

Day Camp is by RESERVATION ONLY to ensure that the staff to dog ratio is appropriate.

1. Dogs must be good with other dogs.

2. Dogs must be 3 months or older.

3. All dogs must be on flea and tick preventative.

4. All dogs visiting Camp Happy Tails must be current on age appropriate vaccinations: 

  • DAP (Distemper/Parvo Combo)

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)

If this is the first time your dog is receiving one of these vaccines or if your dog was more than 30 days overdue for this vaccine at the time it was given, you must wait one week before bringing your dog to Camp Happy Tails. This will allow your pup's immune system time to respond to the vaccination. Proof is required from your veterinary clinic. Thank you!

At Camp Happy Tails, we are happy to be able to provide a fun and safe place for your pup(s) to come to play while their humans do their thing. We enjoy getting to know each pup personally and making sure they fully enjoy their time at camp.

We understand that dogs are social animals – they need lots of exercise and generally do not like to be left alone for long stretches of time. We also understand that you are a busy adult – you juggle a career, family obligations, errands, social functions, housework and (last but not least!) your beloved dog. You are a great doggy parent, but on certain days it can be difficult to spend enough quality time with your dog. Camp Happy Tails Day Camp allows your dog to happily exercise and socialize all day long while you are working to tackle your To-Do List. Your dog can run, play, chase, wrestle, lick, cuddle, sniff and lounge at Camp Happy Tails until you are ready to swing by at the end of the day!  We have over 10,000 square feet of fenced outside and climate controlled inside areas for your doggy to enjoy. Many pup parents are amazed to see how calm and relaxed their energetic dogs become after a day of day camp at Camp Happy Tails. We firmly believe in the motto “a tired dog is a good dog” - and after your dog’s first day of day camp at Camp Happy Tails, you will too!

Camp Happy Tails' Counselors closely supervise the dogs to make sure they are staying safe and having fun at all times. 


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